3dOne P5

3dOne p5

If you are going to pick one to build this the one.

Its optimal build volume 300x300x300 mm but its up to you how you want to build it. It will easily size to 300x400x500 if you want, and if you choose smaller this machine as a 200x200x200 printer will be if anything even better, but for smaller you may as well look at the P3
When complete it will be the little things that will impress you as to why it took 3 years to perfect this printer.

If you’ve printed this you will know how brutal it is to get right.

Upon completing this printer I randomly printed the NASA socket wrench as a test, when it can off i was surprised that it was hard to turn, till I realised I had not actually calibrated the machine I simply loaded the P4 firmware as a staring point. It shows the consistency in how this printer build and how well it will print even if you have to carry out major changes it should go back together and keep going.


You will find the STL files here to downlaod and print this spectacular printer. http://3done.co.za/groups/3done-p5/

This machine is build with an Ideal build volume of 300mm x 300mm x 300mm ( ones we build usually are around 330x300x330 )