3dOne P4

3dOne P4

Built larger than the P3 printer with dual colour printing as a goal.

With this printer we changed from the 19mm to 25mm frame tube size for additional rigidity for the most part this machine up-scaled the p3 design parts for the larger sizes.
This machine is a Dual Filament FDM printer and has a wider bed to accommodate the additional space needed for the 2nd head.

Dual filament means that you can either print in 2 colours which is nice for embedding text or images into prints, but more importantly it can use different materials like PVA for disolvable supports or Flexible for parts that require movement in places.

This machine is designed to be built with a 400x300x450 high print volume but scaling it is easy.

Before building this machine have a look at the P5 – it takes what we learned from this machine and improved on it. The P5 upgrades where evolutionary parts and many of the newer parts where retrofitted to our shop printer making it easy to go from the P4 to the P5. The P4 dual head also fits on the P5 so it can be built as a dual filament printer.